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We are human resource management professionals based in Nairobi-Kenya (Africa). Founders of the Association of Human Resource Practitioners of Kenya (AHRPK) a registered Society, incorporated in Kenya and founded on republican principles and setup with the purpose of promoting the teaching and practice of Human Resource Management, good governance, economic development and prosperity. The Society defends Constitutionalism, the rule of law and rights of HR professionals in Kenya. We hold a philosophical view that public services management in Kenya and the rest of the world will  tremendously improve if people management skills are developed. The improvement however, MUST not follow the conventional Western management styles that have failed the modern day corporate but heavily borrow from African human resource management practices who in ancient Egypt practiced perfect HR management 3,600 years in  a village called Set Maat or “the Place of Truth”before it was introduced in Europe in 17th Century during the industrial revolution.